Who is Amora Bosco?

Artist Statement 

Because it takes opening up to let something, anything in, I open in the various dynamics involved in my art and activism. All my undertakings bring me a lot of joy and pride as well as foster effective dialogues, healing and empowerment in the lives of my audiences and communities. I’m ever open to trying new things, Performing in new language, moderating & hosting in new venues, traveling short-term for the right projects.if you would like to collaborate i welcome you to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you


Carolyn Bosco, popularly known as Amora Bosco is a Kenyan writer, poet, spoken word performer, life skills facilitator and activist based in Berlin, Germany. Her mission is to bring about empowerment and positive change in the lives of African and African diasporic women, tackling issues of social justice, culture, health and education by means of creative writing and performance poetry.

Bosco establishes platforms that give underprivileged Black women a voice so their issues /situations become known. By creating safe spaces in order to encourage free and open dialogues, direct and effective change becomes possible.

She teaches young Black girls, Black Women and minority communities at large how to healthy relate to one another by creating dynamic opportunities for them to live up their full potential. 

Amora Bosco is the pioneer of Poetry Lab an extensive creative writing mentorship program for BPoC writers/poets in Berlin. An integral part of the program are the Poetry Show-Case Events. 

Growing up in Mombasa’s thriving music scene Bosco performed, recorded music, and co-founded an artist network and an event management organisation focused on promoting Kenyan hip hop acts. Bosco facilitates Workshops on a range of topics. She is part of different organizations involved in the fight for social justice and equality. 

Bosco holds a diploma in Community development and social work and is a certified dental hygienist